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Alice_YAIn July, West Cornwall DFAS’s Young Arts group held an exciting one-day event, working with a group of students from St Ives Secondary School. The goal of the day was for the students to look at the work of Ben Nicholson in relation to the founding of the town’s artists’ colony.

The students – Kai, Tabitha, Bethney, Lucas, Fern, Hannah, Holly, Samuel, Faith and Emily – created amazing mono-printed deck chairs as their final projects, and these will be on display at a special exhibition to be held later this month.

Artist Alice Mumford led the July activity and began the day on Porthmeor Beach, with the students making observational drawings of the line of a thrown ball – just the aerial perspective that Nicholson adopted in his art. The students then walked through town making ‘journey drawings’, returning to the St Ives School of Painting to make collages showing the shapes, patterns, lines and movement of their individual recollections.
One student said ‘I learnt how to be more observant, looking in a different way at things I would normally ignore’ and many of them remarked on the creative freedom they felt in not having ‘to draw exactly what you see’.

The final piece of work was to mono-print a design onto a canvas sling. The students then created their own deck chair canvases which will be the subject of the exhibition.

YA flyerAll West Cornwall DFAS members are invited to the St Ives Deckchairs Young Arts Launch Party at Porthmeor Beach Chalets on Thursday 19 September at 6:00pm to see the results of the students’ work and to learn a bit more about our future Young Arts projects.

The event was the inaugural project of the Young Arts arm of West Cornwall DFAS, in collaboration with the St Ives Secondary School and with the support of the St Ives
School of Painting and Porthmeor Beach Chalets. The whole project was sponsored by David Lay FRICS and we thank him and everyone else involved for their generosity.

Started in 1973, Young Arts provides exciting opportunities for children and young people to expand their horizons through their involvement in creative arts activities. We aim to inspire young people with a lasting enthusiasm for the arts and an awareness of our arts heritage and its conservation. Our vision is equality of opportunity for all to learn through participation in the arts.

If you’re interested in joining West Cornwall DFAS’s Young Arts team, contact Samme Charlesworth here or by email at

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