Masons for a day!

SONY DSCSix West Cornwall DFAS members spent a very productive day today at the Newlyn School of Art where instructor David Paton expertly guided them through the mysteries and techniques of stone carving.

They were each given a block of Portland stone safely sitting on a ‘banker’ (pedestal) and placed at a convenient height to work in comfort. With tungsten-tipped chisels and nylon mallets, they worked away in silence except for the tap-tap-tapping of metal on stone, with chips and dust flying everywhere. Safety goggles were definitely necessary!

After a short lunch break they carried on, concentrating hard, wrists and arms beginning to ache, until they’d completed beautiful leaf sculptures. They were all very pleased to have done so much and done it so well.

Stone carving_08A seed has been sown and some are even planning to give it another go, although it may be some time before they can create a Barbara Hepworth!

Click here to see more photos.

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