Every year we hold a wide ranging and fascinating programme of lectures, visits workshops and social events. Our members, many of whom are artists and craftspeople themselves, are interested in all the decorative and fine arts including painting, music, literature, furniture, mosaics, and architecture. We try and ensure that the programme has something of interest to everyone and with such a committed and enthusiastic membership there’s always something new and exciting going on!

Here in West Cornwall, we’re a relatively new society founded in 2011 . We do have some availability now for new members, so if you would like to become a member, click here for further information.

We still remain one of over 300 member societies of the ‘The Arts Society’  formerly  NADFAS – the National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies.

Our next lecture will be on Thursday 12th June at Penwith College at 7.30pm.

Dr. Meri Arichi


phoenix hall

The cult of Amida Buddha (Sk. Amitabha) gained an overwhelming number of followers from the 10th century onward in Japan, due to the apocalyptic theory that predicted the world was to enter the period of “Mappo” (Latter days of the Buddhist Law) in the year corresponding to 1052 in the western calendar. During the dark age of Mappo when Buddha’s teaching was to decline, the only hope of salvation was to be reborn in the Western Paradise (Pure Land) of Amida Buddha. The Phoenix Hall is in the outskirt of Kyoto was created in 1052 by an aristocrat to house a beautiful statue of Amida Buddha. The architecture and the interior of the hall were designed to recreate the magnificent paradise where all devotees hoped to be reborn after their death. The Phoenix Hall is the oldest surviving Amida Hall in Japan, and it conveys to us the medieval Buddhist idea of paradise.

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